Aikido Kishinev. Igor Zakharevitch. Shidoin, Godan Aikikai.


    In 1987, I led the Moscow State University in only at that time, a section of Aikido in Moscow. Having been occupied in this section for a week, I returned home to Kishinev, gathered my familiar friends and created the first Aikido group in Kishinev. We did not know how, but we had a great desire to promote and expand Aikido since it first appeared in Moldova.
    In 1998, the Aikido Federation of the Republic of Moldova was officially recognized by Hombu Dojo. Since then more than 20 of my students have become black belts of varying degrees, and the number is growing. My students participate in international seminars on Aikido in different countries under the guidance of the leading masters of Aikido, and exams with Japanese master of Aikido.
    In 2012, I was also appointed shidoin and Aikikai Dojo Shombi gave official permission of the Aikido Federation of the Republic of Moldova to take exams at  black belt level.

                                                                                                                         Igor Zakharevich
                                                                                Chairman of the Aikido Federation of the Republic of Moldova

Recruitment in new group


Declares recruitment in groups of Aikido!

We accept all persons interested, regardless of sex and age.

    The training program is to protect against unarmed and armed assailant, protecting from few opponents, as well as Aiki Ken (sword of Aikido) and Aiki Jo (pole in Aikido).
    Aikido will teach you to relax and  breathe correctly,and will enrich your  emotions and life.

Instructor Igor Zakharevitch,
Shidoin, Yodan Aikikai    




Center.Sport complex
of the Institute of Physical Education. 
Chisinau, St. Alexandru cel Bun, 69
raining schedule:
Monday, Friday from 19.30 
Wednesday 19.00      

Botanyka , Sport Complex "Olympia" 
(Judo Hall 2nd floor) 
Chisinau, Decebal 72 str. 
Training schedule:
Tuesday,Thursday 19.00, 
Saturday 10.00

alexandru cel_bun_69
decebal 72


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      Aikido Federation of the Republic of Moldova | Fundatia Aikido Aikikai din Republica Moldova | Федерация Айкидо Республики Молдова

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